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Our Mission: To Bring Quality

Dyslexia Testing Within Everyone’s Reach

For 20 years Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide have tested countless individuals with learning differences from all over the world in their Neurolearning Clinic in Seattle, Washington. They’ve also promoted better assessment and understanding of different learners through their influential books The Mislabeled Child (2006) and The Dyslexic Advantage (2011), and by the formation of the non-profit organization Dyslexic Advantage in 2012 (


In 2014 they met with pioneering technologist and entrepreneur Nils Lahr, and found that they shared a vision for bringing quality testing and recommendations for learning differences within everyone’s reach. From that meeting Neurolearning SPC was born, and the Dyslexia Screening Test App is the first result of their partnership.

Who Should Use Our Dyslexia Screener?


Students 7 or older who:

  • Struggle to read, write, or spell

  • Have siblings or parents with dyslexia or other learning challenges

  • Read slowly or avoid reading

  • Underperform their apparent ability and “can’t show what they know”

  • Take longer to complete work or tests than expected

  • Struggle more each year as the work load intensifies

  • Received a confusing screening result at school

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Adults who:

  • Currently struggle with reading, writing, or speaking

  • Underperform at work for unclear reasons

  • Struggled in school but were never tested

  • Have never enjoyed reading, read slowly, or struggle when reading aloud

  • Have dyslexic children or grandchildren and recognize similar features in themselves

  • Know they are dyslexic, but want to better understand their current challenges and strengths

You’ll Get The Answers You Need

When you finish the screening test you will receive:

  • a Total Dyslexia Score showing your overall risk of dyslexia-related challenges

  • six Dyslexia Subscale Scores, showing your results on 4 key mental functions that underlie dyslexic reading and spelling challenges (phonological processing, working memory, naming speed, visual attention) and 2 reaching achievement skills

  • a detailed and highly individualized report containing:

    • a clear explanation of your test results, including areas of special struggles or strengths

    • specific recommendations for next steps based on these results, including links and discussions for specific resources, school and workplace accommodations, and recommendations for additional testing if needed

  • access to additional resources on dyslexia, including self-assessments and other materials on dyslexia-related strengths, to help you identify and use your talents.


From A Source You Can Trust

Our Dyslexia Screening Test App was designed, built, and tested by dyslexia assessment experts, using the most up-to-date principles of evidence-based dyslexia assessment, and scored with advanced techniques in psychometric analysis.

These unique scoring procedures allow us to guarantee that every user will receive statistically reliable test results that reflect their current level of dyslexia risk, or they can receive their money back.

To find out more about how our test was designed and developed, click here.

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Get Your Answers


The Dyslexia Screening Test App:

  • Is for anyone age 7 and above

  • The full assessment takes 45 to 60 minutes

  • The test may be taken in one sitting, or spread over multiple shorter sessions (especially useful for younger subjects or persons who struggle with attention)

  • You can purchase the Dyslexia Screeining Test App from the Apple App Store, or by clicking here

  • The $59 purchase price allows up to 3 users to take the test

  • Currently available only in iPad, requires iOS 11 or 12

  • Soon to be available on iPhone and other tablet formats, so check back frequentl



“The Dyslexia Screening Test app is such a helpful tool. Not only does it give me, as a learning specialist, indications that a child might have dyslexia, but it also gives many helpful tools for the parents to use based on the child’s testing.”
Jill Blackburn, Learning Specialist, Jones, MI
“This app was most helpful in determining the source of weaknesses in students that I knew were struggling. It gave parents guidance in specific ways that the student was having the trouble and gave me the insight into what strategies would be beneficial for his/her intervention. I highly recommend this app!”
Dyslexia Reading Interventionist, AL

Our Vision

Dyslexic minds are among the world’s most creative and valuable. As many as one in six people are dyslexic, and many more experience some of the information processing traits associated with dyslexia. We believe dyslexia-associated processing traits are so common in the human gene pool because they don’t just create challenges with reading and spelling. They also create advantages in certain aspects of thinking and problem solving. Our mission at Neurolearning SPC is to build a community of users who can join together to explore, discover, and document the full range of strengths and challenges associated with dyslexia, so that together we can come to better understand, build, and use the essential strengths of the dyslexic mind.

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If you would like to learn more about the strengths associated with dyslexia, visit the website of our non-profit partner Dyslexic Advantage (, which receives a share of all profits from Neurolearning SPC, or read the book The Dyslexic Advantage by our co-founders Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide.


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