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Hi, I’m Dr. Brock Eide, co-founder and CEO of Neurolearning SPC. Over the next few months I’ll be your guide on a series of short 1-minute videos designed to answer the question: what is dyslexia? This series is based on the definition of dyslexia we’ve developed here at Neurolearning, which we think provides a better view of what dyslexia really is. Tomorrow I’ll start by reading the definition; then each day after that we’ll go through a bit more of the definition until we’ve covered the whole thing. By the end of the series you should have a much clearer picture of what dyslexia really is, and more importantly, of what’s involved in being dyslexic. I think you’ll be empowered, encouraged–and maybe even a little bit surprised–by what you learn. So join me each day on your favorite social media channel for the next stage on this journey.