“I am so thrilled with Neurolearning’s Dyslexia Screening Test App! I believe it will revolutionize the ability to quickly give parents, tutors, and schools accurate feedback regarding dyslexia risk, in a cost-effective manner that is accessible to all. The report is amazing; organized, well presented, and it explains the test results in plain language. This screener not only gives results, it also provides a plan of action steps and resources. As an interventionist and dyslexia screener, using this app allows me to observe and focus on test taking behaviors without marking down answers or handling test materials. Furthermore, I can use the results to affirm or check my own findings.”
Jane Gramenz, MA Teaching, Dyslexia Interventionist

“I am an Educational and Dyslexia Specialist, and most of my work I is with struggling readers. I can’t tell you how helpful the Dyslexia Screening Test App has been in providing me (and parents) with information on students. The app is simple to use, and the reports are filled with helpful information in areas of weakness/strengths, recommended accommodations, and “next steps” to take in helping the student. I’m very excited this app is now available, and I have no doubt I will continue to use it in my work. “
Michelle Lucas, M.Ed, AT

“The Dyslexia Screening Test app is such a helpful tool. Not only does it give me, as a learning specialist, indications that a child might have dyslexia, but it also gives many helpful tools for the parents to use based on the child’s testing.”
Jill Blackburn, Learning Specialist, Jones, MI

“We have only the highest praise for the Dyslexia Screening Test App! It has not only confirmed what we suspected and given us a sense of relief, but it has also given us better insight and tools to help our dyslexic child.”
Anson and Ronelle Kahaku, parents

“The Dyslexia Screening Test App was extremely helpful in determining the source of weaknesses in students that I knew were struggling. It gave parents guidance in specific ways that the student was having the trouble and gave me the insight into what strategies would be beneficial for his/her intervention. I highly recommend this app!”
Dyslexia Reading Interventionist, AL


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