Signs That An Adult Should Be Screened For Dyslexia

Recently, individuals with dyslexia were surveyed by the non-profit organization Dyslexic Advantage ( They found that over half (53%) of their adults respondents had never been adequately tested for dyslexia. 10-20% of English speakers are dyslexic. This suggests that millions of dyslexic adults are unsure (or even completely unaware) of their dyslexia status. Most of […]

Questions A Good Dyslexia Screening Test Should Answer

There are 2 key questions every parent should get answered as quickly as possible when their child shows signs of dyslexia: 1. Is my child really dyslexic? 2. If so, what should we be doing? In an ideal world, every child with signs of dyslexia would immediately receive the gold-standard of dyslexia diagnostic testing: one-on-one […]

Signs You Should Screen Your Child For Dyslexia

The research is clear. The sooner a child is identified as dyslexic and receives the right kind of help, the better that child\’s chances for long-term academic, emotional, and career success. That\’s why in recent years dyslexia experts, educators, advocacy groups, and policy makers have come together to urge that all children be screened for […]