Social Purpose Report

for Neurolearning SPC FY2018

Posted 2/28/2019

Neurolearning SPC is a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation. That means that our company’s purpose is not simply to pursue financial profits for our shareholders, but also to pursue social goods, even at the expense of corporate profits.

Our primary long-term social purpose is to help individuals with different learning and cognitive profiles, including dyslexia, better understand, develop, and use their cognitive abilities and talents to thrive in school, work, and life.

Throughout 2018 we continued with the development of our Dyslexia Screening Test App, which we expect to finally be ready launch in late winter or early spring of 2019. The purpose of this app is to create an affordable, accurate, accessible, and empowering means of identifying whether individuals age 7 and up show dyslexia-related cognitive differences that may lead to school and work challenges; then to provide individualized recommendations on ways to thrive at school and work despite these differences.

Once the app is launched, in addition to providing affordable and accurate screening for dyslexia, we will be pursuing various partnership relationships with existing non-profit corporations, including Dyslexic Advantage 501(c)3, who will receive 3% of the profits realized through the sales of our app.

We will also be aggressively pursuing our long-term goal of creating tools to evaluate, document, develop, and use specific talents associated with different cognitive profiles, such as dyslexia, with the ultimate aim of being able to provide helpful and accurate information to aid in pursuit of educational and career opportunities.

In 2019, we expect to evaluate our effectiveness in achieving our social goal in a variety of ways, including:

  • Number of individuals serviced through testing;
  • Number of individuals helped to access other important services through our testing (to be explained in detail in next years report);
  • Amount of money generated for Dyslexic Advantage;
  • Growth in individuals serviced by other non-profit organizations due to referral from Neurolearning SPC;
  • Direct client feedback from surveys showing personal impact on education and workplace success, personal satisfaction metrices, and other indicators of personal flourishing.​