Dyslexia Screening Test App Sign In Information Questionnaire

This 3 page questionnaire contains all the information that will be asked about the individual signing in to take the Dyslexia Screening Test App. Whenever school and learning professionals will be administering the Dyslexia Screening Test to students, this questionnaire should be printed out and given in advance to the students’ parents so they can fill it in before the test day. The school or learning professional can then transfer this information onto the app’s sign in page at the time the test is given.

Parents: before your child takes the Dyslexia Screening Test at school or with a learning professional, please print out a copy of this survey, then answer all the questions using a pencil or pen. Then give the completed form to the person who will be giving the test so they can use it to fill in the sign in form.

To open the survey so you can either print or download it in pdf form, click HERE.





Downloading the App and Creating Your Account:

  • The Dyslexia Screening Test App can be run on devices with a touchscreen interface including:
    • Apple (iOS) iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones (screens at least 5.5 inches recommended)
    • Android tablets and smartphones (screens at least 5.5 inches recommended)
    • Kindle Fire Devices
  • You should download and set up your account using the School & Pro version of the app.
  • The School & Pro app can be downloaded for each kind of device from the appropriate App Store (Apple, Google Play, or Kindle Fire).
    • You can find the app in the app stores by searching either “Neurolearning” or “Dyslexia Screening Test App
    • Downloading the app onto your device is free, but each test “slot” needed to run a test must be purchased directly from Neurolearning (see below).
  • Once you have downloaded the app you will need to create your own user account.
    • Upon first opening the app a popup box will appear with spaces for those with accounts to enter their log in credentials, and a link for new users to create an account. To set up an account please press this link. After pressing this link another popup will appear where you will be asked to enter:
      • your first and last names
      • a username, which should be the email at which you wish to receive correspondence from Neurolearning
      • and a password, which will be known only to you, so you should keep this information in a safe and convenient place, as we will not be able to retrieve it for you.
    • You will also be asked to indicate the nature of your professional work by checking the appropriate box.
    • You will then be able to log in to the app using your new username and password.


Purchasing Test Slots for Your Account:

  • Each time you test a client you must have an open/unused “test slot” which you have purchased in advance.
  • Public and private schools and professionals can obtain test slots at substantially reduced professional rates directly from Neurolearning.
    • To purchase slots from Neurolearning, email us at admin@neurolearning.com or brock@neuroedu.com. Let us know your name, your type of practice (first time you email), and let us know how many test slots you would like to purchase.
    • Currently our prices are (all sales will have WA State sales tax of .104 added):
      • Single test slots in numbers up to 2 at $25 per slot
      • 3 test slots for $66
      • 5 test slots for $100
      • 10 test slots for $185
      • 20 test slots for $360
      • 50 or more tests $17 per test
      • 100 or more tests at $16 per test
      • 500 or more tests at $15 per test
    • Although we can usually process orders fairly quickly, it is best to allow at least 24 hours before planned use to avoid problems.
    • Once you have told us how many test slots you would like we will send you an invoice via email which you can pay in the following ways:
      • Via Stripe invoice (which is the most commonly used method)
      • You can give us your credit card information over the phone, which we will then process via Stripe
      • You can send us a check through the mail.
    • Once we have received payment we will add the slots to your account and they will be ready for use.


Preparing Yourself to Administer the Test:

  • Although our app test has been designed to be straightforward and self-explanatory enough to administer without any special preparation, we recommend that professionals who wish to give the test view in advance the 20 minute video we have created on test administration at: https://neurolearning.com/school-resources/ . [Although listed as a school resource all material is well suited for professionals in practice, as well.
  • As the video will describe when signing in a new client to take the test there will be a short section of sign-in information to fill out.
    • To expedite and improve the accuracy of this section, you can have parents or adult clients fill out a pdf version of the sign-in information in advance. This pdf can be downloaded at: https://neurolearning.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/AppSignInInformationF.pdf , or by navigating to https://neurolearning.com/resources/ and clicking on the red word “HERE” at the bottom of the page.
    • The answers on the pdf can then be transferred into the test slot at the beginning of the test session; or even, if desired, if the pdf has been returned by the parent or client prior to the test session, the sign-in information can be entered into a test slot and saved prior to the client session, so that time does not need to be taken to enter this information during the clinic session.



Before Testing Day, Both In-Person and Remote:

  • As a reminder, all information needed to administer the test, including information about the various test sections, pausing, resuming, or saving the test, and if necessary repeating parts of the test can be found on the help video mentioned above: https://neurolearning.com/school-resources/
  • Make sure you have a test slot available, and if need be purchase one (or more at a discount) by contacting Dr. Eide at admin@neurolearning.com or brock@neuroedu.com.
  • Decide whether you will be testing the client in-person on your device or “remotely”, which the client taking the test on their own device and away from your office (typically at their own home).
    • If testing in-person send the parent(s) or client the pdf version of the sign-in information sheet (see above), have them complete it, and return it to you. You can enter the sign-in information on an open test slot and save until the day of testing. You should now be prepared for the day of testing.
    • If testing remotely, information specific to this choice is covered in the following section.


Before Testing Day, Instructions Specific to Remote Testing

(section currently being revised)


On Testing Day

  • If testing in-person, you should be all set to begin.
    • Inform the client the test will take 40-60 minutes and they can take breaks if needed. There are 9 subtests. (The test can be paused and resumed at a later date and time if that is best for the student.)
    • Prompt the client to begin the test.
  • If testing remotely:
    • Establish your connection with the client via zoom or other system on the secondary device.
    • Have the client open the Neurolearning app on their primary testing tablet or smartphone.
    • Make sure the secondary device is positioned so you can see the student’s hands on the tablet.
    • Prompt the student to turn up the volume fairly loud on the tablet.
    • Inform the client the test will take 40-60 minutes and they can take breaks if needed. There are 9 subtests. (The test can be paused and resumed at a later date and time if that is best for the student.)
    • Prompt the client to begin the test.



Accessing the Test Results:

  • After In-Person Testing on Your Device: The best place to review the reports is at the website neurolearning.com. Just open a browser on any device (large screens are preferred) and you can log in using the same email/username and password you used to do the app test.
    • The first place to start is with the Short Summary Report, which you can access by pressing on the gray colored icons on the right side of the page. This will give you a big picture overview of the results. Note particularly what it says on page 3 (and sometimes pages 4 and 5) about the particular combination of scores received.
    • Second, you can review the long or comprehensive report, which you can navigate to using the green icons. When viewed in the portal, the comprehensive report has 2 kinds of additional information linked to it:
      • Instructional videos which are linked to the different sections of the test. All professionals using the testing app should watch each of these videos at least one time, because they provide a wealth of useful background information on each section. They will also be very helpful for parents/clients who are interested in the reports.
      • In addition, all sections of the report feature text-to-speech read-aloud, which can be activated by pressing on the “speaker” icons.
    • You can share access to these reports with your clients (if you wish) in the following manner:
      • Currently, the best way is to ask the parent/client for an email they would like to use to receive the information, then send this email along with the name that was on the test to Dr. Eide at the above emails with a request to share the test.
      • Dr. Eide will then send the client a share link that they can use to establish a free portal account and view just that specific test (and not any of your other clients’ tests). They can also use this portal account to take the MIND strengths tests online, even if they do not have an app downloaded onto a device.
  • After remote testing on the client’s device: In this case the test results currently will show up initially only in the client’s portal account, as that is the account under which the test was taken. So for you to receive access to view the results in your portal account you will have to email Dr. Eide with the name used on the client test and the email/username linked to your portal account, and ask for him to share that with you. [Note: Within the next several months we will be updating our backend to make all of these client interactions possible directly (including slot and report sharing) without having to go through Neurolearning.