Dyslexia Screening Test App Sign In Information Questionnaire

This 3 page questionnaire contains all the information that will be asked about the individual signing in to take the Dyslexia Screening Test App. Whenever school and learning professionals will be administering the Dyslexia Screening Test to students, this questionnaire should be printed out and given in advance to the students’ parents so they can fill it in before the test day. The school or learning professional can then transfer this information onto the app’s sign in page at the time the test is given.

Parents: before your child takes the Dyslexia Screening Test at school or with a learning professional, please print out a copy of this survey, then answer all the questions using a pencil or pen. Then give the completed form to the person who will be giving the test so they can use it to fill in the sign in form.

To open the survey so you can either print or download it in pdf form, click HERE.