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Range (Part 2)

People with dyslexia show a broad range of traits–both challenges and benefits. They vary in the kind and degree of their dyslexia-associated strengths and challenges; in their processing patterns; in associated conditions like adhd; and in the ways they respond to instruction. That’s why everybody with dyslexia needs to be understood in 2 ways: First, as a member of a group of people who share certain things in common and who can be helped in similar ways; and second, as a completely unique individual who needs to be understood and nurtured on his or her own terms. In short, helping people with dyslexia–including yourself if you’re dyslexic–is both a science, which uses certain rules and principles derived from research; and an art, a flexible and practical approach based on careful observation and trial and error. Helping people with dyslexia always requires us to think both critically, and creatively.

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