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Expert-reviewed Online Dyslexia Test

Experience Professionally Reviewed Dyslexia Screening from the Comfort of Your Home

How it works

Take the Online Questionnaire

Our questions are deeply focused on understanding your everyday difficulties and provides all the information our experts need to make tailor-made recommendations on the specific case.

Receive an Immediate Overview Report

The report provides a summary of all key results, scores, and major recommendations. Click here to view an example of an overview report.

Receive a Review of your Results by One of our Experts

Up to 24 hours after the test, you'll receive an email with an in-depth review of your results from one of our dyslexia experts. This review includes deeper insights and specific science-based recommendations for you to follow.

Why Choose Us?

Neurolearning provides a unique blend of expert insights and advanced technology. Our screener, designed for both children and adults (age 7 to 70) goes beyond simple risk identification, using cutting-edge technology to offer personalized intervention strategies. Our commitment extends beyond screening, providing resources and follow-up support to empower users with actionable insights for navigating their journey with dyslexia

  • 300+ test questions for a thorough evaluation.
  • Personal review by expert doctors for additional insights.
  • More than 25+ years of experience in dyslexia screening and treatment

Success Stories

“Thanks to this program, I found the encouragement needed to pursue a diagnosis for my daughter, who was identified with dyslexia and dysgraphia. It’s become my top recommendation for anyone exploring screening options.”




“Having clear, understandable feedback from the test, along with Dr. Eide’s invaluable follow-up, has revolutionized our homeschooling approach. Implementing Dr. Eide’s recommendations has led to noticeable improvements.”




“This screening app provided clarity on dyslexia suspicions, offering a detailed overview and next steps. It’s an excellent resource for anyone facing the daunting task of navigating a potential dyslexia diagnosis.”




Our Story

Founded by Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide, Neurolearning emerged from a passion to make quality dyslexia identification accessible and affordable. Inspired by personal and professional experiences, Neurolearning aims to empower individuals by providing a deeper understanding of their unique learning challenges and strengths.

Neurolearning is not just about screening; it’s about empowering every learner to realize their potential, making success within reach for everyone


What to expect? - Kelly's Success Story

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Should You Get Tested?

Symptoms that suggest dyslexia can include difficulties with reading, spelling, decoding unfamiliar words, and manipulating the sounds within words. Individuals might also experience challenges with reading comprehension and fluency, or may avoid reading and writing activities altogether. If you identify yourself with this symptoms there is room to screen yourself for dyslexia.

What to Expect After Receiving Your Results

Understanding your results and beginning intervention can profoundly impact daily living and learning.

Initially, the results provide a detailed insight into your or your child’s specific learning profile, highlighting strengths as well as areas needing support.

Following diagnosis, personalized educational plans and resources can be implemented.

Such interventions are designed not just to cope with dyslexia, but to harness and enhance learning capabilities.

Over time, with the right strategies and supports, individuals with dyslexia often experience significant improvements in reading and writing, as well as a boost in confidence and self-awareness.