Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting
1. I Have Several People Who Want to Take the Test From My iPad.

Up to three users can take the test with each app purchase. Each must login to the same account, but each must then login separately in an assessment slot.

2. I Don’t Hear any Sound.

Plug headphones or ear buds into your iPad. Do you hear the test now? If not, contact us at the form below and tell us what operating system you’re working.

3. Where can I Find my Report?

Once you complete the assessment you can find your report by returning to and tapping on the Home Page (see below), which will open up the Sign-in Page (below). Then tap on “View Report” in the appropriate test slot (below). Your report should appear in just a few seconds. You can return to retrieve this report at any time. You can also retrieve your report by following the link on the email we sent you after you completed the assessment.

Home Page

Page

View Report


For other questions or feedback, please use the contact form below. Thank You!