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Reading, Dyslexia, Homeschooling, and COVID-19

How COVID-19 has impacted struggling readers—and their parents   The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our normal lives, roles and routines in countless ways. One important change is that it has…

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Signs That An Adult Should Be Screened For Dyslexia

Recently, individuals with dyslexia were surveyed by the non-profit organization Dyslexic Advantage ( They found that over half (53%) of their adults respondents had never been adequately tested for dyslexia….


In Praise of Reading Tutors and Teachers

A lot of nice things have happened since we launched Neurolearning’s Dyslexia Screening Test App ( four months ago. The best, no doubt, are the many letters we’ve received from…

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Questions A Good Dyslexia Screening Test Should Answer

There are 2 key questions every parent should get answered as quickly as possible when their child shows signs of dyslexia: 1. Is my child really dyslexic? 2. If so,…

Signs to Screen

Signs You Should Screen Your Child For Dyslexia

The research is clear. The sooner a child is identified as dyslexic and receives the right kind of help, the better that child’s chances for long-term academic, emotional, and career…

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Is My Child Dyslexic? Why Waiting to Test Can Be Harmful

If you think that your child is dyslexic, the sooner you get that child tested the better. Research clearly shows that the sooner children with dyslexia receive appropriate help the…