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Dyslexia Archive 

We have adjusted the font for our dyslexic readers.
Please let us know if other changes might make this easier to read  (
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Reading, Writing, and Spelling(You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file)

Articles in Eide Neurolearning Blog        Archived to May 1, 2005
You may need to scroll down the page to see the article you want. More recent posts now listed at the top.

The Talents of Dyslexia
Visual Crowding in Faces and Words
Test Accommodations for Dyslexic Medical Students
Flashes from the Past: He was in constant motion...
Learning Disabilities and Business Success

Why are So Many Students Failing the WASL?
Left-Sided Mini-Neglect

Why Stevie Can't Spell
Visual Aspects of Dyslexia
Dyslexic Engineers

Visual Memory Problems: Under-Recognized Causes of Underachievement

Links to Using Mystery Stories in Teaching - Critical Thinking
Filling In By Context: The Brain and Lesson Links for Reading
Training More Rapid Seeing in Dyslexia

Auditory Processing and E-Learning
Auditory Processing: Read My Lips!
Links to Help with Organization and Time Management

Dysgraphia as Isolated Spelling Disorder
Metacognitive Suggestions for Writers Block
Understanding the Visual Difficulties in Dyslexia
Writing Errors by Normal Subjects

Reading Aloud for Diagnosis
Tax Benefits for Parents of Children with LDs
Spelling is a Disability, So Why No Accommodations?
Writing, Dyslexia, and the New SAT
Entrepreneurs Five Times More Likely to Be Dyslexic

Adult Correction of Dyslexia
Letter-By-Letter Reading
Why Math is Hard
Cool Link for Dyslexia - High School and College
Learning Disabilities and Business Success

Visual Aspects of Dyslexia
The Biology of Mirror Reversals
Seeing Helps You Hear
Talking in Complex Sentences is Good!
Teaching Ideas for Reluctant Talkers

Math Strategies and Dyscalculia
Dyslexia - Reading, Spelling, and Foreign Language

Note Taking Strategies, Teachers Notes, and Disability
Believing You Can Get Smarter Makes You Smarter
Writing, Dyslexia, and the New SAT