Eide Neurolearning Clinic


Eide Neurolearning Clinic

We are currently closed to new patients. After we work through our backlog, we'll re-open and post the change here. Thanks!

Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide assess children from Kindergarten through college. The Eides are dedicated to educating parents, teachers, and other professionals about brain-based differences in learning, and enthusiastically support the celebration of gifts and talents in all children.

Comprehensive testing is recommended for unexplained causes of academic underachievement, reading, writing, or math difficulties, attention and organization problems, and visual and auditory processing problems. The Eides do see children with primary behavioral or socialization issues. We have a special interest in assessing and advocating for gifted and twice exceptional students, and college-attending or college-bound dyslexics.

Students who require assessments for the SAT, ACT, MCATs or GREs will require specific tests to meet the criteria of the College Board. We recommend that these assessments be scheduled 6-9 months in advance of the planned test. Assessments for the SAT / ACT are not usually reimbursed by health insurance.

The Eides' assessments go beyond checklists to understand a particular student's learning profile, developmental course, motivations and temperament. Detailed recommendations are made for home, school, and therapy. When other professionals are involved (OTs, speech therapists, tutors, etc.), we help prioritize interventions and give the parents (and child) a big picture of strengths and challenge areas. They provide homeschooling families with extensive curricular recommendations.

Insurance coverage: In the current health care climate, we are seeing more insurance denials because insurance companies decide assessments are considered educational rather than a medical necessity. The Eides are out-of-network for all plans. Please contact your plan for more information. Some parents have had their school districts pay for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE), but school authorities need to be in contact with us directly for approval. The Eides are not able to see L&I, Medicaid, DSHS, Basic, state, or Medicare insurance, but some families have been able to obtain reimbursement from Adoption Support. Tax deductions may also be taken for our assessments if other criteria are met.

The first two pages of the Patient Intake Forms must be completed in entirety and received by our clinic before appointments are booked.

** Please do not send credit card information by email because it may not be secure. Send intake forms by regular mail or fax and we will contact you to book an appointment. Whenever possible, please Email us to let us know that your forms are on their way. We try to answer all emails within 48 hrs. If you have not heard from us, leave a brief message at 425-742-2218. Because of spam filters, sometimes emails do not arrive.

Comprehensive Assessment A common visit code used is Neuropsychological Assessment (96118). The cost of a full assessment including follow up visit is: $5000. Payment is due at the time of initial visit. Check, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted. Because the Eides are MDs, their assessments are consider under medical and not mental health benefits. Health Savings Accounts have also been used successfully for reimbursement.

Referring physicians may use a wide variety of appropriate diagnosis codes, including, but not limited to: learning disability (315.2), encephalopathy (348.30), attention deficit disorder (314.00), academic underachievement (313.83), developmental delay (315.90), or spells (780.39).

Neurology Consultation includes a survey of all major nervous system functions including vision, hearing, gross language, fine & gross motor coordination, strength, sensation, and general outline of medical and developmental history, and review of symptoms. Based on the Neurology Consultation, referrals to appropriate therapists and other professionals are made.

The Neuropsychological Assessment includes examination for major cognitive areas, including hemispheric dominance, pencil control, fine motor control & speed, phonology, speed of word retrieval, and language skills (receptive, expressive, figurative, semantic, syntactical). Selection of tests may vary, but usually ability-achievement discrepancies are determined by IQ testing (WISC-IV, WAIS-IV), achievement tests (WIAT-III) and with selected subtests from the Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Abilities Test III, Nelson-Denny Reading testing, PEEX2, PEERAMID, etc. as appropriate. Our reports will also include practical advice regarding learning differences or preferences, and specific curricular or resources recommendations. We will review school reports, written and creative work of students, and results of previous IQ or cognitive assessments. At times, families have invited children's teachers or tutors to the follow-up visit, and this can be very helpful for coordinating the student's plan.

College-Bound Dyslexic Testing for the SAT / ACT:

Testing for college-board dyslexic students seeking evaluation to determine eligibility for accommodations on the SAT or ACT is priced at $5000. Please schedule these tests well in advance of the planned testing date (9 months in advance is recommended by the College Board).

If you still have questions after viewing our website, the Eides are quicker to respond to email queries than phone. We specialize in dyslexia and related language-learning challenges and recommend that families seek out other professionals for routine giftedness testing such as entry to kindergarten gifted programs. 

Out-of-state families should expect to be available for two days. A list of local hotels is available